The most interesting question comes from a young man who starts off by thanking the congressman for posting about his votes on Facebook. The comment elicits immediate applause and whoops. After that dies down, the questioner continues:

“There’s a strain of libertarianism — people believe that the state is completely immoral and that we shouldn’t have any involvement in it,” he says. “I disagree with that, and as a congressman you probably disagree with that as well. What would you say — ”

Amash cuts him off: “Or I’m really sneaky.”

The crowd laughs, whoops, and applauds. A few leap to their feet.

“Touché,” says the questioner. More laughter. “What would you say to the people who believe in that, and that we should not work within the system to try and fix it?”

“Well, I don’t know how to convince the people who don’t want to work within the system,” says Amash. “We have a system here. The Founders of the country certainly believed in working through a political system. That’s why they put it in place.” He defends the American system as the best protector of liberty. And he concludes by arguing that anarchy would eventually end in some sort of government anyway.