While strengthening the country’s borders is popular with broad majorities across all groups and in all regions, a path to citizenship is considerably more divisive.

Support for stricter border control includes three-quarters of Democrats and liberals, more than eight in 10 moderates, conservatives and political independents, and a whopping 92 percent of Republicans. Securing the borders is also supported by 87 percent of whites, three-quarters of nonwhites, and bottoms out at a still-high 69 percent among Hispanics.

As noted, views on a path to citizenship are more linked to political preferences. Beyond party affiliation, 73 percent of liberals favor a path to citizenship; that declines to 53 percent of moderates, half of “somewhat” conservatives and fewer than four in 10 strong conservatives.

Notably, support for a path to citizenship reaches majorities across regions, 53 to 59 percent.