Americans’ approval of Congress is at 15% in February, one percentage point higher than in January and exactly matching the 15% average for all of 2012. More than eight in 10 Americans (81%) disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job

Congress’ current 15% approval rating is up slightly from the all-time low of 10% recorded in February and August 2012. Just before the presidential election last year, approval increased to 21% in October, but then fell to 18% in November and December and has been lower still, at 14% and 15%, over the first two months of this year.

Congressional job approval continues to be at the low end of the historical spectrum. The February reading of 15% matches last year’s average, which was the lowest yearly average in Gallup’s history extending back to 1974. More broadly, Americans’ approval of Congress has been low for several years now, averaging 17% in 2011 and 19% in 2010.