We owe America’s lefties a big wet kiss for forcing the Obama administration into this highly effective policy. By making a cause celebre out of the imaginary suffering of blood-drenched terrorists at Gitmo, they inspired candidate Obama to promise to close the facility within the first year of his presidency.

But no can do. Gitmo’s still open — and not just because Congress wouldn’t let him close it. Our legal system benefits terrorists; they’re briefed on how to beat our laws. So President Obama & Co. figured out fast that captured terrorists are another “unfunded liability.” In office, Obama also learned that the terrorists aren’t kidding. The obvious answer? Just kill ’em.

Thank you, left-wing champions of injustice!

But killing terrorists only makes them martyrs. Hogwash. The opposite’s true. Imprison a terrorist and you will, indeed, make him a martyr. Kill him, and he’s dead.

Nobody’s attacking us in the name of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi these days (remember the Butcher of Baghdad?). And when terrorists seized a remote natural-gas facility in Algeria last month, they weren’t yelling, “Remember Osama bin Laden!”

Instead, they demanded the release of the “Blind Sheik,” the mastermind of the first Twin Towers attack, from a US prison.