As he notes in “Spin Masters,” the establishment media seemed more concerned about Mitt Romney’s dog Seamus and allegations that Romney gave someone a forced haircut, decades ago — than about Benghazi — or the fact that an Obama-authorized drone strike killed a 16-year-old American.

If the subtitle of Fredosso’s book (which says the media “helped reelect Barack Obama”) is true, it means a couple things: First, the notion that the rise of cable news, talk radio, and conservative websites changed the paradigm, giving conservatives license to ignore the MSM, was a terribly flawed assumption.

And second, because the establishment media is still important and biased, conservatives absolutely must nominate effective communicators like Reagan, and eschew easy-to-caricature politicians, like Romney.

But there’s another interesting twist. Not only has the rise of alternative media not solved the media bias problem, but it could be that the rise of new media has actually radicalized the establishment media, making them more — not less — liberal. …