So why is President Obama a “wimp,” according to Krugman, if he starts putting in place the necessary adjustments now? Because Krugman wants to erase the future deficit entirely with tax increases? No–he’s said it would take a combination of “death panels and sales taxes.” … “Death panels” was a joking reference to various methods of cutting health care costs. But is it so clear that those methods, at their semi-rationy margin, are preferable to other methods of cost-cutting–like means testing? Let’s pull the plug on granny so the Kochs can keep getting Medicare benefits? Or pay for Medicare with a regressive VAT?

Is Obama a “wimp” to consider other methods? Or does Krugman just need to stay angry? Open the door to shaving the CPI adjustment and you’re a spineless conceder who’s imposing “a lot of hardship.” But a 5% sales tax–no hardship at all!