Yep, Burnett, the diehard supporter of domestic energy and longtime health food fan, charges those who identify themselves as liberals one dollar more for their drinks. The money, along with any tips received, is donated to conservative causes like The Heritage Foundation.

“And actually all three liberals have been happy to pay it,” Burnett said.

“We had a husband and wife come in — he was conservative and she was liberal — and he paid conservative for himself and liberal for her,” he added. But a few people have cried foul on Burnett’s Facebook page.

“This is pathetic,” one person wrote. “One place in town I won’t be going,” another said. “Highly offensive and inappropriate” is how third person described the price differential.

Burnett said his goal isn’t to offend. First, it’s to provide people with a healthy product. Second, it’s to start a conversation about what he sees as the over-regulation of the energy industry and the continued financial problems facing the United States.