New Jersey governor Chris Christie will win reelection. He will be pressured to become the spokesman for the allegedly “moderate” northeastern Republicans. He will wisely reject that role, knowing that being the “house scold” of the GOP is a great way to get booked on Morning Joe and a terrible way to get elected president.

Related: Someone in the House GOP will try to revive the “gypsy moth” Republican caucus. This Republican will get lavish media coverage for his (or her) efforts. In 2014, this same Republican will announce his retirement from Congress and his exciting new post at Harvard’s Kennedy School.

Relations between Obama and the GOP will only get worse, as Obama continues to fail to understand that bullying and preening is not in fact the way to improve a relationship.

Paul Ryan will get his wonk on for most of the year, sparking conjecture that he doesn’t in fact want to run for president.