Obamacare was a porkfest for special interests, giving them subsidies, forcing people to buy their product, giving drugmakers lengthy monopolies, preserving the special favors Republicans had given them, protecting them from competition.

After the bill passed, many of the bill’s authors and key supporters rushed to take their payday.

Senate Health Committee staffer Connie Garner, who helped write the subsidies for long-term care, launched a practice working with long-term-care providers.

Arlen Specter’s health-care guy, John Myers, cashed out to the Glover Park Group, where he now represents Obamacare recipients like Planned Parenthood, United Health, Trygg Pharma, and Sucampo Pharmaceuticals. Another Obamacare author now lobbying at GPG is Liz Engel, who was health policy director at the Senate Democratic Policy Committee.