During the 21st century, our nation will witness incalculable changes that will reorder American politics. The GOP discussion of racial inclusion is decades-old, but it has not been enough to show any signs of wear. It would be an exorbitant, mindless expectation to think the GOP will hold its own without alterations and transformations. Only policy and ideological modification will bring black Americans to take their first serious look at the GOP since FDR captured their political loyalty in the 1940s.

It is in the long-term political interest of African Americans that the Republican Party becomes a viable alternative. I also believe there is a great deal of interest among African Americans in the policies of fiscal restraint. However, this interest does not trump the promotion of inclusionary social policies that respect the diversity of our country. With more inclusionary policies and unrestricted access to leadership, the GOP may see increased loyalty from African Americans and from other minority communities.