For the ultra-rich, the explanation is simple, said Patti Stanger, whose show “Millionaire Matchmaker” has its sixth season premiere on Bravo on Jan. 6: Time is money.

“For them to spend $55,000 and to not have to be spending this time on dating, it’s worth it,” she told In other words, “Yes, we’re still booming.”

Stanger, who works with more than 1,000 male clients, sticking with them for 14 months, and 50,000 female clients, says business hasn’t slowed down a lick.

“People used to call me Heidi Fleiss, they thought I was a madam,” she said. “All my competitors put me down, but now they’re all doing the same thing. It’s just like Jane Austen said, ‘When a single man has a fortune, he will seek a wife.'”