But with Mr. Obama’s last bid for public office behind him, his political team also is trying to sort through what to do with his voters list and information about his supporters for the long term.

Lists of voters contacted by the campaign, along with basic information about them, are due to be transferred to the Democratic National Committee, which will use them to help Democratic candidates in future elections. One option is to have the DNC house Mr. Obama’s fuller trove of information, as well, which includes scores assigned to each voter indicating how likely the individual is to support or oppose Mr. Obama and which issues the person cares most about, among other details.

But it isn’t clear that a network built around the appeal of Mr. Obama could transfer effectively to other candidates, or that voters who signed up for email messages from the Obama campaign or as volunteers would welcome such a move. Aides also are sorting through how the DNC would cover the cost of maintaining and updating the voter information.

Another option is to create a new organization to house Mr. Obama’s campaign data, as well as to update it, one Democratic Party official said. Such an organization might be more personally associated with Mr. Obama. It also would have the potential to give the president leverage in the selection of the next Democratic presidential nominee.