A couple of years ago a mutual friend from Macon went up to see Saxby. There was a tea party rally going on. As our mutual friend sat in the office waiting for Saxby, his staff stood around ridiculing the tea party activists going by as simpletons, uneducated, hicks, and nuts. Chambliss himself has been overheard talking disparagingly of tea party activists in the Capitol Hill Club and elsewhere.

He has become entrenched in Washington, DC and thinks that we here in Georgia are the problem, not him. In 2005, he was convinced that we here in Georgia were the problem on immigration. Since then he’s been convinced that we here in Georgia are the problem by not sending enough money to Washington, D.C.

In fact, we here in Georgia should convince Saxby that we are a problem — his problem in his path to re-election. We can and should make him fight for it and, the Good Lord willing, drive him from office in 2014. Georgia requires that a candidate in a primary secure 50% of the vote to get to the general election. A couple of well funded challengers could pull Saxby below 50% thereby forcing a runoff fight between Saxby and a conservative challenger. Saxby, being from South Georgia, has a weakness in the metro-Atlanta area. That weakness, combined with a libertarian four years ago, forced Saxby into a runoff election.

A conservative from metro-Atlanta could put Saxby Chambliss in peril and we should work to make that happen.