Republicans often talk about broadening the tent. Well if they did do so, they either didn’t invite a lot of minorities in, or they stuck them over in the corner to talk with the other nerds.

Do you remember all those speeches Romney gave in Latino and black neighborhoods in the cities and inner suburbs?

You don’t? Neither do I. As far as I’m aware, there weren’t any, or at best very few.

If Republicans want to win national elections, the Republican National Committee must today begin a four-year project to bring the message of conservatism to those who aren’t hearing it. Not a message tailored to one group or another. But a message that conservatism works for everyone.

I always found George W. Bush’s term “compassionate conservatism” deeply insulting. It asserts that conservatism isn’t on its own compassionate. But while conservatism sometimes offers tough medicine, the cure it provides is deeply compassionate.