Tampa socialite and military booster Jill Kelley and her sister Natalie Khawam — figures at the center of the David Petraeus scandal — were cleared into the White House complex three times this year, most recently last week, for what are described as tourist visits facilitated by a mid-level White House staffer.

On Nov. 4, just two days before the election, Kelley, her husband Scott, and three children, plus Khawam and her child, all visited the White House for a tour hosted by the staffer, an administration official told ABC News.

The sisters first visited on Sept. 28, joining the staffer for breakfast in the White House mess. On Oct. 24, the duo made a second visit for lunch with the staffer in the mess, the official said.

Neither Kelley nor Khawam met with the President or any other senior administration officials on their visits, sources said.