Similarly, through early 2012, with the prospect of another four years of Obama approaching, gun and ammunition sales increased sharply again, especially for certain semiautomatic assault rifles. As for explanations of why sales have spiked, industry analysts and surveys among gun buyers all point to fears that the Obama administration would introduce tougher gun control regulations. The idea is that anyone interested in buying a gun (or several dozen) should act before it’s too late.

Now that President Obama has earned another four years and no longer has to worry about running for reelection, gun enthusiasts may be especially scared that it’ll be difficult if not impossible to get their hands on certain kinds of firearms and rifles. Background checks rose 18.4% in October, reports the Los Angeles Times, and it’s no coincidence that the stock price of shares of gun manufacturers like Smith & Wesson and Sturm Ruger and Co. got a major boost on Wednesday—the day after election day.