The man says he and his fellow witnesses “are positive that thing wasn’t a bear,” due to its apparent size. But the creature’s height is not obvious from the video and whatever it is, it seems to meet all the classic qualifications of what the Bigfoot community calls a “blobsquatch,” an ambiguous, shadowy image that puts Bigfoot in the eye of the beholder. [Tracking Belief in Bigfoot (Infographic)]

Beard Card estimated to Fox News 13 that the animal he saw was 2 or 3 feet (.61 to .91 meters) taller than his 6-foot-tall (1.83 m) brother. Black bears, the most common species of bear in North America and the only species that lives in Utah, measure between 5 and 7 feet (1.52 and 2.13 m) tall when standing on their hind legs.