But, if Romney wins in 2012, there will be up to ten Democratic senators from Romney states up for reelection in 2014. They are:

Mark Begich in Alaska
Mark Pryor in Arkansas (+27 Romney according to RCP)
Mark Udall in Colorado
Tom Harkin in Iowa
Mary Landrieu in Louisiana (+23 Romney according to RCP)
Max Baucus in Montana (+9 Romney according to RCP)
Kay Hagan in North Carolina
Tim Johnson in South Dakota (+5 Romney according to RCP)
Mark Warner in Virginia
Jay Rockefeller in West Virginia (+21 Romney according to RCP)

Not all of these Democrats will face tough elections in 2014. But many of these incumbents, like Baucus and Begch, are likely to work with a Romney administration anyway. Throw in the other Democrats from red states that have a well established history of crossing the aisle (Sens. Joe Manchin, W.V., Claire McCaskill, Mo., Ben Nelson, Fla.) and Romney will have plenty of conservative negotiating partners to work with…if he gets elected.