Why does Obama get a free pass on foreign policy? There are three main reasons:

First, there’s good old media bias. The major media have given scant attention to Obama’s transgressions and have taken his word — on all sorts of issues.

Second, there’s the mysterious disappearance of the U.S. anti-war movement. Liberals are overwhelmingly fine with drone strikes — 70 percent of self-described “liberal Democrats” supported them in a February Washington Post/ABC News poll.

In 2010, when we had 80,000 troops each in Iraq and Afghanistan, 78 percent of Democrats in one Quinnipiac poll approved of Obama’s foreign policy, and you had to look pretty hard to find an anti-war protest. The formerly anti-war Left gave new meaning to that Vietnam-era Phil Ochs song “I Ain’t Marching Anymore.”

Third, Obama gets a free pass on war matters because the man who would naturally be his main critic — Republican nominee Mitt Romney — mostly shares Obama’s views.