In the closing days of a reelection campaign the CorruptMedia is desperate to see Obama win, it’s glaringly obvious that nothing this potentially damaging to the president will be allowed to see the light of day — at least not until after November 6.

Had Obama answered Clark’s question yesterday, he would’ve violated this unspoken blackout agreement by making news. This would’ve forced the CorruptMedia to cover a story they’re desperate to pretend doesn’t exist. Obama knows his Media Palace Guards are covering for him and knew that wouldn’t have been possible had he done anything that nudged the story.

This is also why Obama filibustered his way through the rest of the interview with Clark. Reporters are only granted a few minutes with the president and one way Obama controls uncomfortable interviews is to launch into absurdly long answers that run out the clock.

And “run out the clock” over these next 10 days regarding the Libyan scandal is exactly what Obama and his media allies are up to.