A Republican official admitted that in prior elections, Democrats were more equipped to identify their voters in recounts. This year, Republicans have laid the groundwork in advance, the official said.

Still, if legal expenditures to date are any guide, the Democrats are twice as nervous and doubly prepared after watching the presidency slip away in 2000.

A senior Obama official, who asked for anonymity, said that prior to Nov. 6, the campaign is “recruiting thousands of attorney volunteers to help train, educate, and observe at polling locations” in battleground states. The Obama official added the campaign has also “retained or opened pipelines to the nation’s top experts on voting systems, registration databases, ballot design, student voting, and provisional ballots.”

Much of the campaigns’ preelection legal activity has been centered on recruiting poll watchers to ensure no irregularities occur on Election Day. Many of the problems were expected to crop up around new voter identification laws intended to be enacted by Nov. 6. Instead, many of those laws are now stuck in legal challenges, or have been shot down by the courts. Still, the army stands ready if an automatic recount is triggered anywhere.