“Give it a rest, Obama,” one resident posted in a Twitter message on Saturday morning, after a low-flying drone woke much of the city. “We want to get some sleep.”…

That disagreement in many ways mirrors the paradoxical views of America held by many of the region’s people and policy makers, who see Washington as all-powerful but also doomed to self-sabotage whenever it intervenes there.

Many here ask, nodding toward the sky, has America not learned the lessons of Iraq?

“People, psychologically, are quite anxious,” said Jalal el-Gallal, a Benghazi political activist, who worries that the pressures of an election year could prompt an American strike on militants suspected in the consulate attack. “It would destroy all the good will that was won over the last two years of engagement, and it could undermine the elected government and make the place ungovernable.”