DeMint argues the more tea party movement-backed senators, the less gridlock.

“(When) Ted Cruz comes in … I think he can help empower some of the Democrats to make those hard decisions,” DeMint told CNN.

The South Carolina lawmaker believes the more staunch conservatives in the Senate, the more Democrats will be forced to compromise and come the GOP’s way.

“I think there are enough Democrats, if we have a strong mandate election, who will work with people like Ted Cruz and (Sen.) Marco Rubio and (Sen.) Pat Toomey and these senators here, in a sensible way to change the course of our country,” said DeMint. “The good news is this: because the rest of the world is in such bad shape, if we make a few hard decisions about fixing our tax code, fixing our entitlements so that we’re on a sustainable course, America could be the best place to do business overnight.”