Someone once said of the Iraq war that it never would have happened if 30 important neoconservatives and neoliberals hadn’t been for it. This is kind of like that. Ryan’s appeal is almost strictly to conservative intellectuals and their wannabees. It’s a ridiculous, feather-headed idea, the kind of thing that conservatives like to make fun of liberals about, for being out of touch. And mark my words: He would hurt–yes, hurt–the ticket in Wisconsin. Not that it’s much up for grabs anyway, but he would.

Tapping Ryan would very unusual for the risk-averse Romney, but boy, if this is the one risk he decides to take, will it be revealing of his character and his priorities for the country. The one “bold” thing he does is aimed at pleasing Bill Kristol and 29 other Beltway insiders who want to privatize the universe. As the man once said, bring it on!