Among those who have become disenchanted with Obama — but remain equally unenthusiastic about Romney — are foreign policy expert Andrew Bacevich; Bruce Bartlett, who served in the administrations of Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush; and center-right blogger and archaeologist Dorothy King.

“I supported Obama in 2008 in considerable part because the alternative was John McCain. By comparison, Obama seemed to offer a less militarized approach to foreign policy,” Bacevich emailed in June. “In that regard, he has proven to be a disappointed [sic]. Obama’s way of making war may be his own, but in his continued penchant for using force, he’s not offered much by way of change.”

“I really don’t know who I will vote for this time,” he concluded. “The choices are unappealing.”

Bartlett has similar sentiments, and said he simply plans not to vote, “as of right now.”

“As you know, I have nothing but disdain for the Republican Party, so I can’t vote for Mitt Romney,” he told TheDC in a phone interview. “But on the other hand, I just don’t think Obama has done anywhere near a good enough job. I think he’s just not shown the leadership that circumstances required. So I can’t really support either of them.”

Bartlett said there was a “small possibility” that he might end up supporting Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, but that for the moment, he was not enthused by him either.