Schultz said the model is broken. Asked why, he said, “it is failing people, such as myself.” Hannity then told him: “Maybe if you weren’t spending your time with the quote, homeless people who were brought in by the police to rape people, maybe you could have been out looking for a job?”

Hannity pursued his point about Schultz, and those like him, wanting things for free. “Who is going to pay for your house, car, dental care, health care, education, who pays for that?” he asked. Schultz replied, “Nobody! It’s free.”…

Schultz said to give him a job and he’d go to work. About jobs like a dishwasher or cook being beneath Schultz, Hannity asked, “Hanging out with with rapists, people having sex in public is more fun?”

“It’s more dignity in that than hanging out on a show like this with you,” he replied.