“Rand is showing all the signs of running,” says Brian Doherty, a senior editor at Reason and author of Ron Paul’s Revolution. “Even if Romney wins in 2012, but he disappoints libertarians, [Paul] may think about a primary challenge. He knows that he’s well positioned for that.”

Over the weekend, Senator Paul spoke at the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s spring meeting in Waukee, Iowa, a state where his father had one of his best showings this cycle. His message there was ecumenical, and he attempted to connect as a fellow conservative, regardless of policy differences.

“I know not everybody here voted for my dad, but what I will say from a personal perspective is, don’t look at the Ron Paul people or the Rand Paul people as your enemy,” Senator Paul told a small gathering before the event, according to the Des Moines Register…

“If President Obama is reelected, which I think is very doubtful, you are going to see a tremendous hunger for a constitution-based leader to emerge,” says Fritz Wenzel, a top adviser to Ron Paul’s presidential campaign. “Rand Paul brings everything that Ron Paul brought to the table but with the perspective of a whole new generation. I think that could be a perfect vehicle for a 2016 run, and at this point, the only thing he needs to do is to get more well known.”