This is an issue that the Romney campaign should be all over. The administration’s policy of “strategic patience” followed by “let’s make a deal with Kim the Younger” has not worked well. The DPRK highlights the Obama administration’s reluctance to talk tough with China and the ways in which its nonproliferation policy seems to be… troubled. This is taking place in the most strategically interesting part of the world. In other words, this is an issue where Obama’s record has been radically imperfect and a solid critique should resonate. Sure, there’s no magic solution or anything, but attacking Obama on this issue is at least a way for Romney to articulate exactly what he means when he signals his hawkishness.

So let’s see how the Romney campaign responds. Disappointingly, North Korea was not even mentioned in the Romney foreign policy team’s open letter to Obama, and it’s nowhere on Romney’s campaign blog. If that doesn’t change by the end of this week, then I’ll know I don’t really need to take his foreign policy pronouncements all that seriously.

I’m daring you, Mitt Romney. I’m double-dog-daring you. Let’s see if and your team have got the foreign policy goods or not.