In terms of connections to working people, Brady is probably to the average NFL fan what Mitt Romney is to the average voter. And Brady could probably buy and sell Romney, especially if he and Gisele have a joint bank account. According to Sports Illustrated, Brady, who is winding up the first year of a four-year, $72 million contract, will be pulling in about $30 million this year in salary and endorsements. Gisele earns about $45 million a year which, according to Forbes, makes Tomsele the highest-paid celebrity couple of 2011, even more than Brad and Angelina.

It’s no wonder that, to most fans around the country, the Patriots, who are three-point favorites over the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLVI, are probably the most hated team in the National Football League. Brady may be the only athlete in professional sports with at least two websites dedicating to despising him. No other team and no other quarterback would be capable of making a New York team America’s sentimental favorite.

In Indianapolis, where the game will be played at Lucas Oil Stadium, Eli Manning jerseys are outselling Tom Brady’s by three-to-one. One 17-year-old girl told a reporter, “I just love him [Eli] so much. He has that baby face.” And one 53-year-old Material Girl who is performing the half time show says she would rather date Eli than Tom.