Suddenly, something shifts in the political universe, and Santorum sweeps three states in a night. Granted, Romney did not spend as much time in those states and the contests guarantee no delegates, but, still, the victor gets to write the story. Santorum beams that he will be the Republican nominee, and, indeed, he has a loyal fan base that Romney will have to win over.

Voila, Romney gives the best speech of his candidacy. He talks about his father and what this country’s promise meant to him, how he sold paint on his honeymoon to pay for the trip and later became the head of an auto company. The speech was touching and sweet and true.

Where have you been, Mitt Romney?…

In real life, Romney cares about the very poor and spent his missionary years trying to help the less fortunate. To those who know him, he is kind, generous and humble. If Romney could summon the man he is in his quiet time, unhaunted by the cliches of political wizardry, Americans might find that they like him after all.