Bündchen has gotten a lot of flack for her comment, but I was fired up, in a good way, about her putting that heckler in his place. People forget that in her profession, she knows about fans who make you uncomfortable, she knows about the peanut gallery that pipes up in the most inopportune time. What critics are missing is that it’s different for her when taunts are directed at someone who you’re supposed to be supporting, the person you don’t see as much as you would like because both of you are crisscrossing each other’s itineraries.

That split second, that moment when you want to tell your spouse that all is well, home is good, I got your back, is something you want all to yourself, and the last thing you need is someone to throw a bag of salt in the wound out of insensitivity, ignorance, boredom or just pure jealousy. In theory, these superstars should be able to let it roll off of their backs, ignore it, tap past experience and proceed with the loving embrace, but there are some moments when you just need to respond.