A blogger, in my estimation, is simply someone who sometimes utilizes a blog platform. This might be a professional journalist or a teacher or a high school dropout. What they have in common is the medium, which allows for fast (and often short) online posts, frequently updated, without the bureaucratic burdens of heavy editing.

For some reason, a stigma is associated with this.

Ironically, this might actually speak to the revolutionary impact of blogging. As powerful as Twitter is, I don’t know any professional tweeters. And I don’t know any journalists who fear a tweeter will replace them. If someone described me as a great tweeter, I don’t think I’d be upset — or that anyone would say: “But I thought you were more of a journalist!?”

So I’m happy to be CPAC’s blogger of the year. It may not be the sole way I define myself, but I’m not afraid of the term.