And we know what agenda Haim Saban wants to push. According to Saban, “The fact that Rubio and some Republican Presidential candidates have an anti-Hispanic stand that they don’t want to share with our community is understandable but despicable.” Saban wanted to get the Republicans on stage and have a slanted debate with questions sympathetic to illegal immigration — a set up to help the Democrats woo hispanic voters in 2012.

But Univision overplayed its hand with Rubio who stood up to them and now they have no debate, no bridge to the most popular Hispanic Republican in America, and just a liberal writer willing to use the New Yorker to let Univision whine.

A more important issue here is that Univision seems intent to let this kerfuffle fester and to use its “news” resources to damage both Marco Rubio and Republicans. In particular, the Chairman of Univision seems willing to admit he will use Univision to portray Republicans as “anti-Hispanic” in 2012 in an effort to help Democrats. The GOP might want to start wooing Telemundo not as a GOP alternative, but as an objective news source without Univision’s baggage.