Newt Gingrich: This is Romney’s third best state, after Utah and Massachusetts. So, if he doesn’t do really well here. And remember, after five years of campaigning and $20 million, he got 25% of Iowa. So, three out of four Iowans said no. Now, he’s here in the back door to where he was Governor. The last poll showed him at 35%. I think if he’s under 40% in one of his three strongest states, he has a big problem about trying to communicate why he should be the nominee. When we get to South Carolina, and we’ve been splitting the votes up among a whole bunch of conservatives, as you know. When we get to South Carolina, I think it will be increasingly clear that there’s a fundamental choice. You have somebody who is from Georgia who is a solid conservative, and you have somebody from Massachusetts who is a solid moderate. And, I think that’s what it will come down to. Perry will probably still be there. Ron Paul will be in his own world, doing what he does, and Santorum has had a good run, and we’ll see over the course of the next two weeks to what degree between Perry, Santorum and me, how that shakes out. But, I think one of my goals is to keep Romney from being in the position to rush the nomination. The longer this goes on, the more clear it is how un-conservative his record is, the more difficult it will be for Romney to survive in this race. And, so the next two weeks become really a big deal.