The Huffington Post’s Ben Muessig reports that a company called Scottish Spirits Imports plans to sell its 80-proof “single grain scotch whisky” in 12-ounce cans. That’s the alcohol equivalent of 1.7 Four Lokos or eight beers (assuming an alcohol content of 5 percent). Worse, the containers are nonresealable, although “Scottish Spirits hopes to begin shipping the cans with an attachment that allows them to be resealed.” (Under pressure from the FTC, Phusion Projects, which makes Four Loko, agreed to sell it only in resealable containers as of April.) Scottish Spirits says the eight shots per can are meant to be sipped and shared, not guzzled by one person. “They’ll crack it open and pour it with Coke or some kind of mixer,” says Ken Rubenfeld, the company’s vice president of operations, “and have fun with it with their friends.” If the container did not tip you off, that scenario probably tells you all you need to know about the quality of this product.