According to Blackwell — who sits on the RNC’s Standing Committee on Rules — if Rick Perry drops out, “People could run as Perry delegates — with Perry being a surrogate for Jindal.” Perry would essentially say to the public: “Vote for me; my delegates will vote for Bobby Jindal.

Not everyone agrees this is a good idea. Greg Mueller, a conservative strategist who previously worked Pat Buchanan and Steve Forbes, thinks it’s too late for a fresh face to enter the scrum.”It’s creative thinking, but I don’t think it’ll work,” Mueller averred.

Aside from arguing that it’s simply too late, Mueller argues that a “Hail Mary” move such as this would also make it look like the replacement candidate didn’t really want to run — that he was “dragged in” to to the race.

Blackwell, however, notes that Jindal was running for re-election in 2011 — a factor that would have made it nearly impossible for him to run for president in 2012. Today, the successful governor of Louisiana would be more free to step in.