So what’s the takeaway from the New Yorker’s longtime observer? That when the Tea Party starts a conversation about debt-driven spending (for stuff like wars foreign and domestic, useless federal education mandates, and cheap drugs for old people irrespective of need), that’s nihilism. But when Occupiers bitch and moan about student loans and restoring the Clinton tax rates on households pulling in $250,000 (despite the fact under Bush, top income-earners paid a higher share of total income taxes), that’s a stunning, outward success.

Even better, folks like the OWS crowd. Really, really. Cue Sally Fields:

“The pollsters tell us that Americans like O.W.S.’s essential message. They like the Occupiers, too—not as much as they like the message, but more than they like the Tea Party.”

Read the whole thing. And then ask yourself why is it again that The New Yorker is known for smart, insightful writing.