Pfarrer writes that the SEALs entered Bin Laden’s home from the roof and killed him in the first 90 seconds of the raid. The official account has Bin Laden dying near the end of an approximately 40-minute raid, after hiding in his bedroom as the SEALS fought their way up from the ground floor.

Pfarrer also provides new information on the weeks and months leading up to the raid and relates the history of the Navy’s elite and secretive SEAL Team Six. SEAL Target Geronimo pins the blame for Bin Laden’s exposure on Ayman Zawahiri, his second-in-command, who repeatedly used the same compromised courier to communicate with the Al Qaeda leader. Pfarrer also explores the lessons the SEALs learned from their mission against Somali pirates that helped them in the Bin Laden operation, and he delves into the history and operations of the Joint Special Operations Command, the secretive military organization in charge of the military’s special operations forces.