“I distrust a movement that lifts up a philandering Russian atheist who said she hated Jesus — Ayn Rand — as their philosophical guide,” he said.

In Wallis’ view, Rand’s libertarian principles are in direct conflict with the tenets of Christianity.

“I think extreme libertarian politics may be, in my mind, the least Christian option out there. ‘Just leave me alone I don’t care about anybody else,’ is not a Christian way of life,” he said. “We are our brother’s keeper and that is how we are. I am sympathetic, however, with the people who feel like they have been left out and left behind, unrepresented,” he said, explaining that he does not understand how the tea party can protest Washington’s power without protesting Wall Street’s power.

Wallis added that tea party activists should be consistent: If they are protesting concentrations of power in Washington, D.C., they should also — like the Occupy movement – protest concentrations of economic power on Wall Street.