Still the support for Cain is interesting in its own right. In all the coverage as well as in the comments sections from readers and in my own email and conversations you find people saying, in effect, “He made a pass, he took no for an answer, what’s the big deal?”

That’s a really surprising change in attitude for some conservatives to take. Cain, after all, is a married man and a minister. We are the folks who talk about how character matters and all that. Now, peoples emotions are complex. Herman Cain gives the impression that he’s a man of character. People are disgusted by the hypocrisy of liberals who are much less likely to care about repugnant sexual behavior from liberals. They are deeply frustrated by their choices in 2012. In short, it’s not surprising that a lot of folks have some self-contradictory or inconsistent feelings and thoughts about all this. Nonetheless, that attitude, even if embraced in haste and out of convenience, is an interesting one to see. My own view is that Cain has other shortcomings that are more substantive disqualifiers for the job of president, but if these charges are true than they are relevant and troubling in their own right.

Still, I can remain disgusted with media feeding frenzy, liberal hypocrisy and of course Gloria Allred. I heard her say something that I found particularly grotesque. She dismissed Herman Cain’s response to the allegations by saying “he has a motive to deny.”