As high winds, low-30 temperatures, and sheets of snow ripped through downtown Manhattan, Occupy Wall Street was under siege on Saturday, this time from Mother Nature. Zuccotti Park was transformed into a tent city, with just over a hundred protestors huddled against only the fourth October snowstorm to hit New York in 135 years.

Other than the roaring wind, the park was quiet: no chants, no drum circles. The day’s outdoor activities were canceled and the wall of sign wavers on Wall Street has been replaced by a single, stalwart placard: “Hell Snow, We Won’t Go!” Tents are explicitly forgiven by Brookfield Properties, which owns the park — but that hasn’t stopped the protestors. “People are doing what they can, they’re going to bring in tents,” said Robert Silva, a 37-year-old recording engineer from Brooklyn. “This is snow, it’s not going to kill us. What they’re doing to us will kill us. What they’re doing to our world.”