“In the last few days, I’ve been inundated, absolutely inundated” with angry emails from wealthy donors,” said Aviv, who gave Obama $2,800 in the 2008 campaign, and another $1,000 in June 2011, according to data collected by the Center for Responsive Politics. Aviv added that many of those emails are coming from donors who supported Democrats in 2008

One email from an Obama donor asked if Democrats believe “government does it best and charities are bystanders?” Obama’s proposal, the email said, “perhaps is enough to make me a Republican after all.”

Aviv herself had heatedly challenged the Obama’s tax plan, saying her donors fund museums, universities, art centers, parks, sports, art and ballet companies, rather than soup kitchens and other welfare programs for the poor. “That’s the way we give back … we want a society that is civilized,” she explained.