Asked by Newsweek and The Daily Beast whether it would pursue the evidence made public by New York prosecutors, the Homeland Security Department’s Customs and Immigration Enforcement agency said Tuesday in a statement: “While ICE cannot discuss asylum issues, generally, anyone who obtains immigration relief via fraud is potentially subject to removal.”

Intervention by the U.S. government would be the latest twist in the sensational case, which saw New York prosecutors rapidly indict Strauss-Kahn on sex-assault charges that forced his resignation as head of the International Monetary Fund, only to uncover evidence that cast doubt on the maid’s credibility.

“If what’s reported in the news is true, she is at grave risk of having her case reopened,” says Lavi Soloway, a prominent immigration attorney, adding that felony convictions resulting from the recent revelations could make deportation more likely. “I don’t think that the DSK case is the last chapter for this woman—if these allegations are true.”