This is entirely outrageous, of course–and mega-dumb on the part of the American policy-makers, of both parties, who funded these activities through hefty, no strings attached, military aid to the Pakistanis. President Obama has been more prudent about this than his predecessor–in part because of the amped-up intelligence capability that his predecessor provided–but it is now time to set the reset button. The military aid spigot has to be turned off; the economic aid spigot has to be reevaluated (although I’m told that the Pakistanis has spent only a fraction of the economic aid, because they don’t like the precautions we build into the grants). President Bush said on September 14, 2001, that our enemies were those who funded and harbored terrorists. Pakistan does both. The Pakistani military has played us for suckers for a decade. It’s time to cut them loose.