Obama officials have already disclosed that they had 493,697 individual donors give to the re-elect this quarter. That’s almost twice the amount of donors they had accumulated through the first two quarters of 2007, by which point they had raised $55.7 million for their Democratic primary battle. And it’s nearly five times the 105,000 donors Bush-Cheney’s re-election began with in 2003.

Republicans have long anticipated being out-gunned by Obama on the fundraising front, but the breadth of the disparity is now coming into plainer sight—and it has some party veterans worried about what they see as a lack of urgency over the cash gap.

“There’s not any doubt that Obama is going to raise more money than anybody has ever raised running for president,” said Henry Barbour, RNC committeeman for Mississippi and the governor’s nephew. “Is that sobering? Sure it is. It’s a wake-up call.”…

“From this early on, it appears that that’ll be enough resources for the Democrats to play in almost every state and it sounds like the Republican nominee, whomever that will be, will be restrained by the resources to compete in the most obvious purple states,” added Al Cardenas, the head of the American Conservative Union and a former Florida GOP chair. “So while the other side can wage a campaign in most states, I think the Republican nominee will most likely confine most of their resource allocation to 13 or 15 states. That’s a very significant disadvantage.”