From the start, there has been gaffe after gaffe, which either demonstrates a blind partisanship that shuns facts or a wide disconnect from the average voter.

Wasserman Schultz has insisted, “We continue to be on the right track” and that Obama “helped the economy do a 180” — despite polling and economic data screaming otherwise.

On Medicare, her rhetoric has been extreme. Claiming Republicans would “throw you to the wolves” earned the congresswoman a trifecta of media rebukes: The Washington Post, calling the claim “bogus,” gave her three “Pinocchios.” FactCheck.Org said, “DNC Chair Throws Truth to ‘Wolves,’” while PolitiFact just said, “We rate her statement false.”

Meanwhile, an expert cited by the DNC to support the chairwoman’s claims labeled her comments “high-octane idiocy.”