Do you think the Twitter campaigns have helped? [Redeye fans regularly use Twitter to promote their show, and the #redeye hashtag to converse with each other as the show airs every night]

We’ve always been really accessible, fans can contact us and they like using Twitter while watching the show, which is fun, and I’ll go on there at the same time and do it myself if I can’t sleep or it’s the weekend. I think it’s great and also, the viewers know that a lot of the stuff that they said via my website I often use. The way I introduce guests– they realize that after 10,000 times of doing that, I need help, so they send me suggestions and I use them. So it’s one of the few shows– probably one of the only shows– where the fans actually help write it.

Your ratings are stellar for the 3 A.M. timeslot, but this quarter even beat some primetime shows– namely CNN’s 8 PM show In the Arena. That show, the Daily News is now speculating that that show (and possibly Eliot Spitzer) could see an exit. Any thoughts on how that came about, or what they’re doing over there that has them on the decline?

To be perfectly honest, it’s on at a time that I’m working, so I never watch it, so I guess I’m like the rest of America. But I honestly haven’t seen the show. I wish him well. I’m sure he’ll find work elsewhere.