For some, Trump is an aspirational figure. His life is the life they’d like to have. He is — I’m not making this up — a role model. In his own way, Trump is the embodiment of a particular version of the American dream. He didn’t come from money, but used his guile and ego to build a fortune, marry three attractive women, write bestselling books, and headline a popular television show.

As hard as it may be for liberals to believe, Sarah Palin is a role model, too. She came from nothing and is now one of the most famous and controversial women in the world. She stands for a brand of feminism that’s unfashionable among elites. She’s a rarity: a vocal, prominent, pro-life woman. Many people see parts of themselves in Palin, whether it’s as the mother of a soldier, the mother of a child with special needs, someone who’s challenged the establishment or someone who faces constant criticism but still gets up each morning to continue the fight.