One thing you do that’s pretty unique is consistently re-tweet the nasty attacks made on you by liberals on twitter. Why do you do that?

Because it exposes what leftists are — that they claim to be hippy dippy and live and let live, but at the end of the day, I have found that leftists are intolerant, hateful, and totalitarian and they don’t like to hear other people’s points of view. They, in the name of tolerance, call me gay all the time, too many times for it not to be called a trend. The media does a great job of creating the perception that hope and change is the mindset of the lefty, but I see people whose first tendency when they get into a rally is to throw a trash can through a Starbucks window. When a camera is on them they say we want a revolution. They wear socialist T-shirts, hand out socialist and communist literature at their events, and my goal is to expose the Left. Re-tweeting is a very, very effective tool for exposing the Left and it’s more fun than you can possibly imagine.

It does look like fun, I have to admit.

Yes, the first 10 or so re-tweets where the people in almost haiku-like precision write the most hateful things in the world — it’s difficult to accept the premise that you’re sending out all these hateful descriptors of you. But once you get past the 10th one, it becomes like you’re orchestrating a symphony and it becomes quite the opposite experience.