Insider favorite Keith Olbermann ’79 was at Bailey Hall tonight and, while he gave a talk that was, at times, ridiculous, funny, and (yes, I’ll admit it) pretty good, the real draw came in the question and answer section. The first questioner, an older gentleman who looked to be one of Ithaca’s crazy but lovable hippies, brought a copy of the February 16th edition of, you guessed it, the Cornell Review. He was looking to bring Keith’s attention to the article on page two by a guest writer, Eco House basement cannabis enthusiast and sixth year senior Ephram Smith. Olbermann, who must have been overcome with joy by Ephram’s praise for who he called the “Edward R. Murrow of Our Time,” threw the newspaper on the stage and stomped on it while pouring his bottle of designer water (look out, Keith, those are banned here now!) all over the hallowed pages.